Molly Luhta - Soprano       Voice and Piano Teacher      OCCP Program Director

 Please contact Molly now if you are interested in lessons
to reserve your preferred time slot.

Molly has been teaching voice and piano lessons in the Kingston area for 8 years. She  holds a M.Mus, a B.Mus and a B. Ed. She is a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers, and is a registered teacher through the Royal Conservatory of Music website. She has successfully prepared students for the Kiwanis Music Festival, university auditions, auditions into programs such as LEAP, and RCM examinations. Molly is able to teach many vocal genres, such as classical, musical theatre, pop, and jazz. Molly's vocal pedagogy revolves around healthy vocal production. Molly has coached professional singers to help them develop a healthier and more sustainable approach to their singing. Molly's piano teaching focuses on creating a well-rounded student -  learning repertoire, theory, ear training, sight reading, and improvisation. Her students range from ages 4-60.


How often and how long are lessons?

Beginner - 1/2 hour
Intermediate - 45 minutes
Advanced - 1 hour

Molly also offers a 45 minute dual voice and piano lesson for beginners!
(One hour for intermediate students.)

How much do lessons cost?

Molly's fee is $48/hour.

How do lessons work?

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so lessons are catered specifically to you! Lessons are offered on a semester basis, with 10 lessons for the fall semester and 12 for the winter semester. Recitals are offered at the end of each semester. These recitals allow students to showcase their improvements, as well as share their music with fellow students.

Do I have to practice outside of lesson time?

Practicing is highly encouraged. Learning to sing or play an instrument is a lot like training for a sport - the more you practice the better you will be!

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held in Molly's private studio, in her home,
centrally located in Strathcona Park.
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